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  • Do I need previous Jump Rope experience?
    Absolutely not, we all start somewhere! I had to start somewhere too! The classes are designed to teach you how to properly Jump. Many of us are still working on our technique in different areas.
  • Which rope do you recommend?
    There are a ton of different rope options out there. I recommend starting with a beaded rope, as it provides more feedback (and doesn't whip as badly) while learning to jump and trying advanced tricks. A speed rope is a great choice for beginners as well, it is great for agility, working on footwork, practicing double unders and building endurance through intense cardio. A weighted rope is a great choice if you are incorporating Jump Rope into your workouts by adding weight and resistance. Beginners may also benefit from using a weighted rope in class to master timing and form, as the rope takes a little longer to rotate allowing for more time to focus. My best advice is to try out a class and see which rope you are most comfortable with! There is no "one-size-fits-all"
  • How long should my rope be?
    Again, there is no "one-size-fits-all" My suggestion is to start below and as your form and technique improves, you will find your rope length will become shorter. Most ropes are adjustable and I will size you properly in class.
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